Sunday, September 27, 2009

Faith Is Infectious!

My eyes opened in new revelation when Sasha told me "Faith is infectious". As she observed how God heals me and work through my life, she said this observation also built up her faith and encouraged her. Wow! To me, I think it is harder to get someone to believe in the Lord, eg Margaret Moth or my aunties or my uncles or even my dad! So inspired was Steven Lee after reading my blog, he left for Ipoh and he said to himself "If God can heal Liz, he can heal this man too". He was laying hands on this man in Ipoh who was paralysed and praise the Lord, his limbs begun to move! I was so encouraged when I heard this news from Hamir myself yesterday.

Like what David shared yesterday in his sermon in FBC, we are to cross cultures and share Jesus with them. Last night, as my kids played lantern with my neighbour's children, my neighbour started sharing her difficulties. I wanted so much to say "Come, let me pray for you" but my mouth could not open. I asked God for forgiveness and for salvation to her family. This is the struggle I face now but after hearing Hamir's testimonies I am so inspired once again!

Hamir has so many testimonies to share about the drug addicts that he has been ministering to. I've lost count the number of testimonies since Hamir started sharing with me 3 months ago. I asked about drug addict number 2 because I missed out on that one. There was this drug addict from Cheras with a very beautiful wife. One day while talking to Hamir, the wife expressed about her husband's addiction and it seemed that nothing can be done to help him. But Hamir guaranteed her that Jesus can help to the point he will eat his shoe if He doesn't. So she started praying to Jesus. There is a toilet in Plaza Pudu that is constantly stucked with faeces and the drug addict constantly went there to get his fix. One day, he challenged God and said "Jesus, if you can really help me like what the fat man (Hamir) said then show yourself by flushing the toilet". He was about to melt the drug when suddenly he heard the roaring sound of the toilet flushing. He was so shocked he ran out of toilet and ran back to his wife and sat shocked for a few hours. He wasn't well the next 2 days. He still continued his ways and went back to the toilet for his fix. Before that, he asked the cleaner if they fixed the toilet. She said "No, it is always stuck but don't know why that day the toilet flushed when you came". He observed that the toilet was filled with faeces again and he said "Ah, it must be coincidence the last time. Jesus, if you are really God, you will flush the toilet for me to see again". After he lit and melted the drugs to sniff it, he was all high. Then, he saw the toilet flushed again! He said he was so afraid that all the high feeling in him left him instantly! Still, he tested God the third time. He was in the toilet another time and this time he told Jesus "No, Jesus, I am not really testing you but please flush the toilet again so that I may believe that you are God". He waited 5 minutes and nothing happened. As soon as he lit his lighter, the toilet flushed again! Today, he and his wife go to church and are serving the Lord. Praise the Lord! He is powerful and mighty indeed!

I cried when Hamir shared the above testimony with me and even the presence of God was with us as he was sharing. It hit me more so because I still have doubts in my heart eg when I see healing taking place or when I see people slain even with my very own eyes. Even when I am slain myself, I wonder if I am pushed but my friends tell me nobody pushed me. But amazingly, God chose to heal me and show His powerful work in me despite this little doubt in me. It shows how much He loves us even though we aren't 100% right with God. We can come to him just as we are and He will take us in. I fell on my knees and asked for forgiveness. I prayed for all hindrances to be removed from allowing me to experience Jesus wholeheartedly. I want to have faith like Hamir and being able to lock with Jesus 100% and just seeing His power move through people and touching their lives and bringing them out of brokeness and darkness.

I pray also that you ask God to remove all hindrances whatsoever and see Him work in your lives more abundantly. For He is mighty indeed. There is no other God. And it is true - faith is infectious!


  1. What a wonderful testimony of the drug addict. Thanks for sharing with us :) Indeed we must share more to built each other's faith. Thank you for sharing *HUGS*

  2. look forward to reading more! its so exciting! liz, you yourself have a exciting testmony too..i have been telling my mum, my relatives!