Thursday, September 3, 2009

I Asked for Vision

Yesterday at the Global Breakthrough, I asked God for a vision during the loooooong praise session. Whilst everyone was speaking in tongues, I asked God for a vision. I could not see anything. It's like looking at darkness in my mind! Later, I can see things around but I can't quite make out. I thought I saw people's back. I saw the word "King" and then the picture of a crown and a furry robe came to my mind. Then, I saw the word "camel" slightly hidden. The word "gentleness" came very clearly followed by "kindness". Still trying to look further, I saw a shape and "church" came to my mind. When the session was over, I asked Ps Joseph what the camel meant. It is so strange to see a picture of a camel. He said camels in a dry land are beautiful to the people living there. A camel also stores a lot of water. Later, I told him the other words and when Ps Lydia heard the word "church", she said "Again? You are always burdened for your church!". She warned me not to get entangled with the church politics because my health comes first. I told her I will always remember her advise and when I do feel burdened for FBC, I will just say a prayer and let it go to God. Then Ps Joseph said, "A camel also carries loads". You must be the camel carrying the burden!"

This morning I told Henry about the vision and he said "Haiya, it means the fruit of the spiritlah". So clever, husband of mine! Now, I know what the whole vision means.

"God is the King in First Baptist Church and He wants us to be filled with the Holy Spirit so we can show the fruit of the spirit which is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self control. And I am the camel to tell you all this."

Ah well, at least that is my interpretation. The only way we can be filled with the Holy Spirit is if we desire it and ask for fresh anointing.

That was my second vision. The first vision I had in this journey was on 17 July 2009 where I saw 3 flashes of witchcraft sillouette. Now I know it confirms the spiritual attack that constantly happens to me. We have to put on the armor of God friends.


  1. Liz, I'm so encouraged by your growth in the Lord :) Praise God that he spoke to you in such a wonderful way. I have learnt from Pastor Lydia that God actually wants to communicate with us all the time. We just have to reach out to him. Tonight, we had a powerful night in Global breakthrough! While worshipping and praying in tongues, I had many visions from God and had deliverence! Will call you and tell you about it in the morning. I'm so excited now I don't think I can sleep anytime soon. lol Let's continue to seek God together. Amen!

  2. hi bunny with a load,
    thank you for your sharing; its so encouraging to see you growing in the Lord. will keep uplifting you & FBC in prayer.