Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Optimistic bunny

Praise the Lord! The pain behind my neck near my ear is gone! Previously, that area had bumps and was quite painful. Now, I realize that it was perhaps 5 to 6 pimples that surfaced at a go at the same spot that caused swelling and pain – like a big stuck vein! After praying and rebuking for 2 days with the help from the ladies during our bible study night and your prayers as well as prayers during a healing rally on Saturday evening at PJ Hilton, the pain started reducing until Sunday. Then, it was just down to "a dot". That's when I realised they were just pimples!

I also realize that my stamina is slowly improving as I jogged a longer path round my neighbourhood. Normally, I would give up after a row of houses and just walk slowly but last Sunday, I just kept jogging and did not stop until I reached home. I said to myself, “At this rate I am going, very soon I will be able to climb Mt Kinabalu again!” Ah, the optimistic bunny. All glory to God!


  1. ha ha, so its the pimples who are the culprit! i get them too round the base of my skull! yarky fellas they are!
    PTL that your pain in the neck is fast disappearing! :)

  2. yes yes..i think that is how one should describe it - the base of the skull..he he..i was thinking of looking up the internet for some education! don't u apply anything on the scalp then?

  3. no wor..but i did recall apply some clay mask to dry up the spots if they became v irritating. there is a good one by biotherm, will pass you some next week to try! :)