Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Thank You

Hi Joanne, All glory to God indeed! You too have experienced God's miracle and you have been my encourager from the beginning! :) Thanks so much. Thanks for the advice on lots of water and antioxidants. The nurse kept asking me whether I felt itchy but thankfully not because I was already not feeling like myself and cold as well. It must be so miserable to feel itchy as well if rashes break out. I have been drinking lots of water because I also had the Zumita drug administered. The last time I had Zumita drug, I had fever the very next day. This time, I rejected the thought immediately in Jesus' name and drank lots of water. :)

Hey Tracy and Isaac, I wondered where you have been..he he..good to hear from youuuu! Yes, praise the Lord indeed. He is mighty and powerful! He loves us all and wants us all to reach out to Him!

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