Thursday, September 10, 2009

I've Got a Stuck Vein

I think it is. There's this new pain just about a day ago appearing behind my right neck near the ear. The pain seems to be moving around so I think it is some clogged veins from lack of exercise. See how my mind had sensed it a few days earlier. Ah, actually it is God's prompting. So far, I've managed 3 days of slow jog round the neighbourhood. The path I chose around the neighbourhood is very small but it is a start. Do help me rebuke the pain. I also have itchy scalp as a result of zits on my head. Both symptoms have no power no dominion over me and I know it will go away. I was just reading Fee's blog at and am reminded again how God loves us so much and He is constantly watching over us, sending angels to guard our ways, every single step. I know He is prompting me to exercise more to get my blood circulation going. For the first time after a long while, I played the Pilate exercise cd for beginners last night. I didn't really follow the whole thing but just one repetition to just stretch my muscles and for the deep breathing exercise. Thank you Lord for prompting me and guiding me in everything.

My next check up with doctor at SJMC is on 1 Oct where I will be required to go for an X Ray this time. Thank God! At least, I won't have to go through the poking session. :) I stand on victory ground and Jesus has borne my disease 2000 years ago. He said "By His wounds, we have been healed". I cling on to His promise and I thank God that He has healed me. All glory to God!

I also want to share that it was no coincidence that the messages in some of Fee's articles are the same as mine except from another perspective. For a long time, I have sensed my rhema will also be my church's rhema. But who am I to say right because I am not God. God is saying to me "Seek me and you will live". So, He is also telling my church "Seek Him and you will live". God is watching us in First Baptist Church very very closely. He has the same message to each and everyone of us. He is our God. Lord, open our eyes to be the church you desire. (Please double click on first box on the video bar)


  1. hi bunny
    i used to get stuck vein due to my sinus, and the one you described, yup, i had that too when my sinus turned worse resulting in migrane.
    u r right, exercise definitely helps. after i started jogging (he he, again something similar), my migrane and the "jam" vein went away. Will continue to pray for you! :)

  2. wow! praise the Lord! I am so encouraged. :) Will definitely do jogging and also stretching exercise but I will not term it pilate..he he..

  3. while you are jogging, dont forget to enjoy the view!

  4. eh, my view here not as great as Kampar! :) but u r right. When we see His creation, we also acknowledge He is our creator. :)