Monday, September 28, 2009

Thank You

Once again thank you for all your blessings (monetary and non monetary) and prayers. Thanks Sue, George Tee, Mr and Mrs Liew for laying hands on me and praying for me. Thanks Fee for your fresh supply of vegetables from your mum's garden and so far away too. Thanks Grace for your recommendation of Biotherm for the acne. It does work. It dries up the acne and now it has a layer of hardened skin on it. Yay! Thanks Irene for the huge supply sour sop although not in season. Thanks Mohana for your blessing. Thanks Daffy for your cute artwork on the birthday card. I don't miss stuff like that. :) Thanks Yew Leong and Freddy for thinking of me and calling me out of the blue. Thanks to my boss to tell me to take my time before reporting to work. Thanks for all the belated birthday wishes from all of you. It truly is wonderful to have friends like you.


  1. thank you liz, for starting this blog and telling us, how god has worked in your life! :)