Tuesday, September 1, 2009

He is the Lord who Heals! - Jehovah Rapha

I just bow on my knees and thank God over and over again.
Thank you Jesus, thank you Jesus, thank you Jesus, thank you Jesus.
Thank you for the cross. Thank you for a second lease in life.
Thank you for letting me testify your wonderous deeds.
All that you are revealing to me throughout this journey is coming true.
Confirmation after confirmation that I am healed
- by your wounds I am healed.
Hallelujah, praise the Lord!
I sing Your praises!
I shout from the mountain top that JESUS IS ALIVE!
You are a living God.
When I call You, You answer me.
You are the same yesterday, today and forever!
Jesus, you still heal today!
I am so humbled for Your amazing love for me.
Thank you Lord for loving me.
I know you love your church too.
May thy will be done on me as it is with First Baptist Church.
Let them ALL see your glory, let them see who you really are
- Sovereign, Living God, Mighty, Powerful and
yet so Loving - my Healer and my Provider.
Let them tremble before an Awesome God
and rebuke all spirit of complacency, dissension, faction, pride, argumentative behaviour, hurt, discouragement.
Let them tremble with fear and think twice before they open their mouth to speak death to others
For everything that is not the fruit of the Spirit is NOT from you and is from the evil one.
This morning, the devil tried to steal that faith from me by instilling fear in my heart from a bad dream
but I reject that fear in Jesus' name.
I thank you for sending angels to watch over me
and prompting Chiew Hwa to pray for me this morning.
I thank you for my family and friends praying for me the whole journey
Thank you Lord for everything.

Yes, God is merciful indeed. Praise His name! The CT scan this afternoon showed that my main lung tumor has shrunk tremendously and the lesions around have also reduced tremendously. Even my liver spots have been reduced to 2 small spots and the report actually said the liver spot "has almost completely resolved" which we take to be almost completely gone. Dr Foo is pleased with my progress and she is recommending that I continue with the tarceva medicine. She also said that I would not even need monthly bone treatment. I would only need to do it bi-monthly. Praise God. He has stayed true to His word to me. All glory to God. :)

I treasure all your smses to me so I've added it to my blog. As the smses pour in you are like angels rejoicing with me! Thank you to all!

Kok Leong
2009.09.01 22:43
Great news henry. at church camp, we have a person who give a testimony on a year ago. He has a brain tumor and after surgery, he went into coma for 4 days. He wasnt a christian, but the wife was and the church prayed. Today, his tumor disappear. His message to all of us, dont under estimate the power of prayer. just wanted to share so that the team w continue to pray for liz, u and family. Good night

Siew Mei
2009.09.01 17:08
Happy to hear that. Praise God. But dont take it lightly, coz chemo often can cure symptoms. Need to keep working on towards good lifestyle.

Lip Sin
2009.09.01 16:45
Praise the Lord for His faithfulness. It is very please to hear the good news. Keep trusting in Him!

Tony Toh
2009.09.01 16:07
Thank you Jesus. Have tears in eyes.

King Wai
2009.09.01 15:21
Wonderful news henry. Truly praise god for his deliverance. Keep up w the continual treatment n keep waging victorious spiritual warfare til every cancer cell is eradicated!

Vince Au
2009.09.01 15:01
Praise be to our sovereign Lord for his healing on liz.

Steven Toh
2009.09.01 15:00

Wendy Chan
2009.09.01 14:59

Barry Chua
2009.09.01 14:57
Yes! Praise God! This is wonderful news! Will keep on uplifting Liz. Am so happy for you and your family!

Cheng Yi
2009.09.01 14:54
That is WONDERFUL news indeed! Praise Him

Bran & siew lee
2009.09.01 23:57
Heard d won -derful on u fr koots.with God,nothing's impossible. He wants us to trust n obey. V can't but rejoice with u n Henry. PTL. siewlee+bran

aunty rita
2009.09.01 17:31
I'm very happy 4 all the good news. Keep praying.

2009.09.01 17:32
I rejoice in tears for u dear sis. Our God is ever faithful to His children. Continue testify His wonderful work in yr life !

eric hew
2009.09.01 19:12
PTL! He has stayed true to his word indeed! GB

steven toh
2009.09.01 20:30

aunty khwan
2009.09.01 17:18
Praise de Lord. He has been kind n merciful. Give thanks n praise. It is such a wonderful news. Ur mum must be so happy.

2009.09.01 17:31
Thankful at your healing process. Hoping to see u about 11am 2mo

chee meng
2009.09.01 17:45
Hi Liz & Henry, Haliluya, Praise the Lord.

2009.09.01 19:08
Amazing! Praise God! Take care.

Alvin Foo
2009.09.01 15:09
Like my dad lah! Tumor shrinks then kapoof! it's gone!

May Foong
2009.09.01 16:17
Praise the Lord!

Uncle Wong
2009.09.01 16:04
We receive this wonderful news with joy. Praise the Lord.

Seuk Fang
2009.09.01 15:52
Its great 2 hear tat:)nothing's impossible wen u put ur trust in god's infinite knowledge n understandin.Continue to take k of urself.we're always here v u!

Huey Ling
2009.09.01 15:52
Very happy to hear! Look forward to more great news.

Lisa Choy
2009.09.01 15:46
Praise God indeed.

2009.09.01 15:31
Good news! Everything will over soon. Take care! Rdgs william tang

2009.09.01 15:28
Thk u God for showing all of us wat an awesome God u r. We just want to bow down on our knees n praise u with all our hearts. Hallelujah!

Allen Teh
2009.09.01 15:26

2009.09.01 15:24
Very very good to hear this.

Wei Leng
2009.09.01 15:23
Thanks so much for update. Can feel tears of joy in eyes. Heartfelt thanks to God. PTL for His goodness n mercy! Praying for complete healing.

Uncle Seng
2009.09.01 15:22
Hi Lizzie, I'm over the moon with the news!!! Will go c u when I'm out of the woods. Luv ya,

Tzu Anne
2009.09.01 15:21

2009.09.01 15:19
Praise God! been waiting all morning but i was sure in the Lord as He's always faithful 2 His promises :)...we will continue 2 pray!

2009.09.01 15:19
Oh liz!tats d best present iv ever g0ten..we knew u wud rec0ver!we r al so glad:-Dkeep fighting n ul b perfectly fine in no time!hugs!

2009.09.01 15:18
Hallelujah! All praise n glory 2 Him who is merciful n heal those whose faith is in Him. We rejoice 2 hear of dis miraculous wrk of Him! We wil continue 2 pray 4 complete healing n removal of evry cancer cell in ur body.

2009.09.01 15:15
Sori, saw the remaining sms abt the pill. In my excitement, overlook! Praise praise him!

2009.09.01 15:14
Thanks GOD!

Ee Tan
2009.09.01 15:13
PTL Indeed! Am so happy and encouraged to learn about this news Liz.. We shall continue to trust in Him and He will make miracles in your life! :)

2009.09.01 15:13
Hey hey hey, what did i tell u? This is such sweet news, halleluyah! Thank you Jesus! A big hug 2u dear cousin!!:-P

Chiew Hwa
2009.09.01 15:12
Praise God! Praise God! We continue to pray for His wonders! This is a miracle that we can testify to. Now, take a good rest, enough excitement today :)

2009.09.01 15:12
Praise the Lord. I'm happy to hear the news. :-D

2009.09.01 15:11
Praise God! Hallelujah! Rejoice in the Lord for He has indeed been watching over u sis. Big Hugs! Kath

2009.09.01 15:11
that is wonderful confirmation! Well, i kinda expected good news since u r already all the symptoms of recovery. Do u stil need to take the pill?

Karen T
2009.09.01 15:10
Praise the lord indeed. It's coz of ur strong faith in Him. I'm so happy fr u. We'll continue to read ur progress from ur blog

Soo Inn
2009.09.01 15:10
WOW! All praise to Him!

May Yoke
2009.09.01 15:09
Praise God indeed. He is good!

Auntie Rosie
2009.09.01 15:09
Praise God. What lovely news of God's faithfulnes and miracle.

2009.09.01 15:09
Praise d Lord!

2009.09.01 15:09
So happy! Jumping 4 joy! Praise God! Hug hug hug. Will cont to pray.

2009.09.01 15:07
Praise God Almighty!!!!! Praise His Holy and Marvelous Name!!!!

Mrs Liew
2009.09.01 15:05
Praise b 2 our God. He gives us more than we ask or even think!

2009.09.01 15:05
Yes cont 2 claim God's promises. Praise d Lord, praise Him only!

2009.09.01 15:04
So happy to hear that. Praise and thanks to God. Will keep praying.

Kok San
2009.09.01 15:03
PTL! Wil cont to pray for her.


  1. Indeed praise the Lord! It's such great news :) God is good. Your scans showed so much improvement. Your lungs have cleared up tremendously compared to your first scan. It was indeed a joy being with you at the time you got the news. *HUGS* I like Dr Foo's expression "Very good lah" :)

  2. Praise and glory to the Lord indeed!! :D

    and praise Him for your energy to write this blog..Gosh, you actually typed out each SMS yourself - or is there a way to upload them here?? Anyways.. you take care my dear sis and be healed completely in His name!


  3. May I just join in all the praises! Liz, you have been such a loudspeaker from the mountaintops for His glory. I couldn't wait to hear the news. We love you and are praying for all of you.