Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Happy 9th Anniversary!

It was our 9th anniversary yesterday. Henry's not much of a romantic person, prefering to stay away from commercialism. He even got interviewed once by Malay Mail against Valentine's day. One Valentine's day I resorted to calling it "Bunny Day" so it was a special day for us and I got to celebrate too on Feb 14...he he...

Anyway, dear Henry was so sweet. He sneaked into the house wanted to surprise me with a bouquet of red roses with some cute shiny pink butterflies and pink lilies. I did not expect it which made it a lovelier surprise! Alas, I had not left home yet for the "Deeper Life Seminar" at RLC so he was caught in action. The timing was still great because he got to meet Ps Sasha and Ps Chris for the first time.

Happy Anniversary dear Henry and may the good Lord bless us with many many more years together!


  1. Haha yes it was good catching Henry being so romantic :) Happy anniversary to the both of you *HUGS*

  2. you are having yr 9th anniversary on 090909? happy anniversary!

  3. Hi Fee, it was yesterday on 8th September. Chris, Sasha and myself were visiting Liz and suddenly Henry showed up with flowers for Liz. It was really romantic :)

  4. I think it is Grace and Yi chia's as well as Lawrence and Hilda's 9th wedding anniversary today. Happy anniversary to you all if u r reading this blog. :)

  5. Happy belated Anniversary! hehe i should have remembered but getting old and memory slips my mind. Gosh it's 9 years already! wishing both of you God's abundant blessings and many many more happy years together.. :)