Tuesday, September 29, 2009

SOCSO compensation

I just returned from an interview with a panel of doctors at Hospital Selayang. Elaine had told me I could apply to SOCSO for compensation so I did. They reverted pretty quickly despite the fact I wrote to the wrong office. You should apply to SOCSO in the state where you live. Thanks Mee Mee for helping me with the application. :) I have never been to Hospital Selayang so I was pleasantly surprised that it is so big and packed with cars as well! We prayed for the whole thing to run smoothly and soon after, we missed the turning to the hospital! Thankfully God always gives us a way out and believe it or not, there was a second sign up ahead taking us to the hospital. Amazing! Praise the Lord! We really thought we had to find some U turn back. We were already running late this morning. I was told to wear loosely and soon found out why. One of the doctors listened to my lungs. Henry wasn't allowed in and I was praying they wouldn't ask me for my prognosis because I really don't know but I can guess if they asked me. (Don't ask me ok.) :) I showed them the scans, biopsy, my bone scan, identity card. I think they probably wondered why I did not look too sickly. Some of the patients outside were in wheelchairs. I did truthfully tell them I had stopped coughing and put on 1 kilo when asked. Strangely, they would rather look at my X ray than the scans. Anyway, I wasn't too worried as I had already committed everything to God. All in all it took an hour of waiting and probably only 5 minutes of interview. They say they will send me a letter in 2 weeks' time.

There was this poor man waiting outside and I think he must be getting tired because he went outside to sleep over several seats. He also did not smell too good. I kicked myself for not praying for him while I was there. How selfish of me. I only thought of him in the car. I pray that God will heal him and bless him with compensation doubly fast. I pray all this in Jesus' name. Amen.

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  1. Glad the interview is over. Pray you get the money fast too :) *HUGS*