Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Scan & Brave Henry

Scan Ordeal

Now that I have rested from so much excitement yesterday and high adrenalin, I can write a bit more of what really happened yesterday at the hospital.

The scan was around 11am to 11.30am. Oh the pain the pain the pain! Thankfully it was a doctor that fixed the drip line for me so I was again praying "Jesus save me, Jesus save me", then I felt a sting but it was bearable. Still, it was uncomfortable to move my right hand. I had to drink 3 cups of fluid. The CT scan room was very cold and thankfully they let me bring in my shawl and they also gave me a blanket. I saw this big monstrous injection with luminous green dye like you see in the movies. Yikes! I looked away. I didn't want to think further about it. But I hoped that wasn't the contrast dye that was going into me. Perhaps it did.

CT scan is like a ring with a slim bed that slides mechanically in and out. I finally lay down and when I went through the ring they asked me to hold my breath and when the machine withdraws, I am asked to breathe normally. Oh, but before that, when the contrast dye was injected into me, there was this tremendous pain where it felt like my veins were being stretched! I kept asking Jesus to help me! Thank God it wasn't like that forever. I had to go through the ring 3 times. And then it was over. Whew!

We had to wait an hour. I dare not move my right arm still but I was getting hungry. But I also did not feel quite myself after the dye was administered. Felt a bit nauseas, a bit of back pain. Groan. I decided it was me just being hungry so sweet hubby went to get some hot water to whip out oats for me which I had to eat with my left hand.

An hour later at 12.30, we were told to have our lunch first and come back later. We went to the canteen in search for food and I ate "outside food" for the first time since my diagnosis - white rice with lots of taugeh. Mummy's cooking is better. :) Henry and my mum later commented at home that I have such a good appetite. Praise the Lord! Without appetite I would not be able to consume all the nutrients to build up my immune system.

Brave Henry

Elaine joined Henry and I soon after at 1.30pm and we went to collect the scan results. Henry immediately dug into the big envelope for the results and Elaine commented "You not going to wait for the doctor?" Henry was not going to wait. He felt confident as there were too many signs, too many confirmation of good news that it could not be anything less. As he read the results, his eyes opened wide "Wow", eyes opened wide again "Wow"..and again "Wow". "What what what?" I said. Then he read out. There were so many "No"s to what was originally there. I can't quite remember now and I don't really want to know coz I was worried it would dampen my spirit. He also mentioned that the liver spots have almost completely resolved. That's amazing! The nodule in the lungs shrunk from the original 6 cm to only 20mm! From cms to only mms.

Finally, while I was given the zumita drug administration for reinforcement of my bones, Dr Foo arrived and pulled Henry and said "It's good loh" They looked at the scans together. My original scans had a lot of white spots - what I called the "machine gun". Too many to even do surgery to remove. Now it was all darkness except for a few spots here and there. Dr Foo was surprised how the tarceva worked so well on me. She said I must have the mutation gene that hooks onto the tarceva drug to kill the cancer cell. Then I remembered what Siew May said "God has the power to turn on and off our genes". He must have switched on my mutation gene and used it together with the first tarceva tablet because before that, I was on painkillers for 2 days and right after the first tablet, all my bone pain and my fatigueness went away. Dr Foo said it is not possible with only one tarceva tablet but NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE FOR GOD. Likewise, He has the power to use nutrients I am consuming to build my immune system to generate T cells to fight the cancer cells. We as Christians also have the power to rebuke and cast out cancer cells. So with these 3 combination under God's guiding hand, no wonder the cancer cells are destroyed! Apart from Him, we can do nothing! All Glory to God!

Elaine also had a look at the scans later. I told her she had to look at it far away from me and "Don't dampen my spirit ok?". Later, she told me I should look at the scans because it will encourage me. Well, maybe in my quiet time I will open the big envelope to peep in. I must confess that I was slightly disappointed it did not show complete healing but Henry and I did pray last week that even though it did not show complete healing we will still trust the Lord and not doubt Him and just continue to wait upon Him. As long as I know it is good news and God is in control, that's all I need to know. True enough, when I sent out the smses and you guys rejoiced with me, I felt it was like angels were celebrating the victory and the good news with me! And I was reminded again how awesome our God is and His wonderful miracle on me. For that I am eternally grateful.

Thank you Lord for healing me. You are the Lord that healeth me. My Jehovah Rapha.


  1. hi brave bunny,
    so brave of you to go thru the tunnel! but even more brave to face up to whatever god has prepared for you! I was soooooo over the moon to learn of God's confirmation! I just knew from the first time I mentioned to you that You Are On The Road To Recovery; just like He had revealed himself to clarissa! Its beyond human comprehension; then again, if it is, then it won't be God that is at work! :D
    love & hugs lots

  2. Liz and Henry

    My soul and heart rejoice with such great news. Yes, Jesus is the Great Physician, beyond all science and medicine. I too went thru a few of the dreadful scanning procedures and each time had some reaction to the dye (developed rashes) which was injected into my body as I am sentitive to the iodine. Do remember to drink heaps of water to help to flush out the chemical (dye) in your system and take extra antioxidant to counteract the radiation (free radicals from the scanning procedure.

    Continue to put your trust in our Great God as He alone can make straight your path and holds your destiny.

    God bless,

  3. Dear bouncing brave bunny,

    I was jumping with joy when I received your sms on the very good news. I was jumping at every sms beep I got the whole morning! Now reading your whole experience at the hospital, I got goosebumps la! I quickly wrote to my cell group who has been praying. Will continue to pray fervently that your body and spirit remain strong...love you, hugs....

  4. Hi Liz, this is the best news! I have just read your blog this morning and could not have asked for more good news, Praise Him who heals! our Lord Jesus! He is the Wow of our lives!
    Big hugs for you and your family, love Tracy

  5. Hi Sue, I like how u keep expanding my name. It has become tripple B! :) Please thank your cell group 4 praying 4 me. I feel so blessed. Chiew Hwa indirectly reminded me that even prayer warriors needed to be covered in prayer. How true after the bad dream and foul smell. Our God is stronger. No fear! :)

  6. Hi brave and lively bunny. I am so happy to hear of the great news. You did all the right things and with the fantastic support and love of your family and by the grace of God I am confident that you will be completely healed in no time. Love, aunty Judy. :)

  7. My darling girl,

    I never knew how brave you are to have gone through your ordeal. You are an inspiration to a lot of people and I salute you that you kept your eyes on God, for He is your ultimate Healer and Helper. I do hope that people will try to emulate your ways and receive healing from God too. I never doubted that God will miraculously heal you as long as I trust in Him and I am glad that He had given me so much peace in my heart to be able to withstand the past two months since knowing your predicament. Praise the Lord for He is good.

    Love, mum