Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Lanterns, lights, lighthouse 8/8

Thank you all for your presents, blessings and well wishes. My, this is the longest birthday celebration. In fact my first birthday gift was given by my dear friend Daphne way back in July! Then, there was a surprise birthday party in early September by Elaine and friends and later, a September babies celebration in our own home group on 18 September 2009. Last Saturday's birthday celebration with lanterns organised by Marvin and Julie was also unplanned and was really heartwarming. Plus a little getaway to Kuala Selangor on Tuesday with family - what else could I ask for. Thanks guys for showering me with your love. I've posted some photos on the blog for your amusement. :)

Fresh heong pang ga faw faw

Henry's artistic eye...

Pasir Penampang where we ate..a little fishing village with good seafood. We lunched at River View Jetty. Oh, I had my usual oats and raisins and stole some fish, rice and vege..tsk tsk

Common vehicle here

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  1. Thanks for sharing all these great photos :) Your boys are so cute :) Glad you had a great birthday!!! *HUGS*