Monday, September 28, 2009

Hearts are Healed, Christ Revealed

Thanks cousin Tammy for the lovely song. Indeed, let God's heart beat within us. So you are, so are we. I am almost in tears as I listen to this song. I thank the Lord for revealing himself to me, for healing my heart, for healing me and saving me from this dreadful mess that I am in. I would like to share this beautiful song "The God I Know" by Singapore's City Harvest Church with all of you to sing out to Him in your quiet time.

Click or click on the video bar on your right.

The internet reception at my house these past few days is so bad but I persevered and waited for the song to be downloaded and played it all one shot again! It is really worth the time!

The God I Know
City Harvest Church (key: D)

When the stage is bare tonight
There's no one else
Just you and me
When the curtains close behind
There's no pretense
I'm on my knees

I will lay down my life
For the love sacrifice
You gave to me
It's all because of you
All because of you
The God I know
Righteous and holy
The God i know
Faithful and true
The God i know
My tower of refuge
Hearts are healed
Christ revealed

The God I know
Light of the city
The God I know
Strengthens the weak
The God I know
Your heart beats within me
As you are
So are we (to verse)
So are we(to bridge)
This is my cry
My one desire
More of you
More of you

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  1. Dear Liz, thank you for sharing the song. It's beautiful...can't help crying when I listen the lyrics. hugs