Monday, August 3, 2009

Another miracle!

Henry asked Nic (our 6 yr old son)last night what his favourite subjects were in kindergarten. He said "art, english, chinese..i like maths too, it's easy". What?? How is it possible you like maths i told myself. We have spent the past 2 years with Nic with his homework. It's like vomiting blood. His kindergarten prepares children for standard 1 in a chinese school so there's homeowrk everyday. Early this year, Nic had not even learned to read yet, how does the school expect him to do comprehension. During the last semester he scored a D for maths. Last night he told Henry it is easy! Nic explained that it is because his teacher taught him to think in chinese. He just got it suddenly! I say it is a miracle! Since my trial and learning to let go everything to God, I wonder how He will fix all the problem faced with the kids. He commanded us not to be anxious and in everything to just submit our prayers and petitions to Him. Mrs Liew emailed our prayer requests for the kids to many people only last week and today, I see God's hand upon my family again and his miracle. God answers prayers. God is in control if only we let Him. Once we let go, like King Wai said, it is so easy..we just relax and see God work in our lives. Soo Inn confirms this. It should be like this everyday - blessing after blessing. And George said, please remember to give thanks after that. Thank you Father God for you are a God who works miracles, thank you for your blessing upon my family, for working your miracle in Nic and thank you for my friends that walk with me in this journey. I pray all this in Jesus' name. Amen.

Yesterday night I went to see a GP after praying about it and asking God for His guiding hand again. The doctor was very sweet. He looked at me and said "What happened to your face?" I actually went to see Him for my sty in my right eye. Now, i know why God allowed the that I would go see a doctor to get medication for my face. I didn't know it had gone so bad with pus coming out. Duh. Anyway, he gave me antibiotics that would address both the skin the the sty. He also gave me some eye drop and eye cream for the night. Also, he also lifted my spirit and he told me not to worry as sometimes these things, I can be cured. This morning the sty disappeared! Praise the Lord! Praise His holy name! Please pray for my skin to improve. My hands trembled when after I dried my face this morning, I saw so many spots of blood on the tissue! I cried out "Jesus, help me!"

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