Monday, August 24, 2009

Prayer for Aunty Beverly

Let's all pray together for Aunty Beverly from my church as one united family in the body of Christ and apply all that we have learned in our journey together. She is going through chemo this morning. Tet Shin's sms just now (25/8/09 10.15am) :

"Bev going for last cycle of third line chemo this morn. Pls pray for high enough red cell and platelet count, flawless administration of drugs and their working to stop the cancer"

Let's pray "I rebuke you cancer cells in aunt beverly to get out now from her in Jesus' name. I cast you cancer cells from Aunt Beverly in Jesus' name. Cancer cells, you have no power or dominion over Aunt Beverly. She is a child of God. She is a temple of God. There is no room for you in her. I command you to get out from her in Jesus' name! Blood count of Aunty Beverly, arise and bless your creator in Jesus' name. Platelet of Aunty Beverly, I command you to arise and bless your creator, in Jesus' name. Blood count, platelet of Aunty Beverly, I command you to worship your Creator and go back to normal, in Jesus' name. I command every cell and organ of Aunty Beverly, be nourished by the food that she eats in Jesus' name and build up you immune system to generate T cells to hunt down any remaining cancer cells and destroy it completely, in Jesus' name! And I claim Mark 11:24 that whatever I ask in prayer and believe it, it will be mine. Yes, I believe Lord. I believe you will break the lies of the enemies, all the lies and doubts and fears in her heart will break now in Jesus' name. And Father God, I know you will show your mighty love for her and reveal yourself to her with your holy spirit. Let her know that she will live, she will live, not to give up, not to give up but trust in you completely for you are a living God and you are all powerful, all consuming and you will indeed burn all those lies and doubts from her mind. And I ask for a ring of fire to be around her mind and to stay there to burn up all lies and doubts planted by the enemy. The lies of the enemy will not come near her. I claim Psalm 91 for her that she will not be hit by the arrow that flies by day for it will not come near her. I claim it for her in Jesus' name! And I ask for your divine intervention upon her today Oh Lord. And I ask the blood of Jesus to flow through each and very cell, organ, every part of Aunt Beverly and heal her completely, restore her completely and make her whole again. And I ask all this in Jesus' name.

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