Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Youth Concert 22 August 2009 Saturday night

Wow! It's 11.12 pm and I just came back from watching the rehearsal for First Baptist Church's Youth Concert for this Saturday. I had this great longing to watch the concert but alas, Nic's school concert is this Saturday. Then I hear the rehearsal is on tonight and I am so glad I went. I don't know, I sense God will use you (youths) mightily for the church's revival. I felt God's awesome presense during the rehearsal tonight. I sense God's love so great for you and that He is so pleased that your worship is from your heart. I am truly encouraged to see your passion for God. It was also very eye opening to see how all of you are so talented and how all of you work together to make it all gel together. Gone are the days we have one director that supervises all on what to do coz that would zap away most of the individual's creativity. Thanks King Wai, Su Ann, Rachel, Alex, Haris, Amanda, Luke, Julian, Thomas, Rayshaun?, Ji Meng?, Benji, another guitarist, drummer (Jeevan?), pianist, choir gals, Michelle. Sorry guys I can't remember all your names but you guys are awesome! I love electric guitars. Henry hears only noise. Now, I know where to go for my electric guitar fix. Thanks guys. To God be the Glory! Play your hearts out!


  1. I am glad you got the enjoy the rehearsal...a private concert just for you! I am excited too. Amanda is playing the guitar on stage, Alex is working the overhead. Thank you again for sharing...I just want to shout a loud AMEN to your message...

  2. Thanks Sue, you're so encouraging sis. I love you lots! :)

  3. Dear Liz,
    Su-anne was mentioning that you came yesterday but it was sooo bright on stage it was very hard to make out the faces of those sitting on the pews:)
    Thank you for coming for the rehearsal!! and
    Thank you sooo much for your words of encouragement. I am very very encouraged and blessed by this post.
    God has really been with us and has sustained us with his strength and even united us as a team.
    I can't wait for the concert tomorrow. A little nervous too!
    To God be all glory. Will continue to uphold you and your family in prayer.
    May God's peace and comfort and LOVE be with you always.

    Eunice (pianist) :)

  4. hey liz!
    thanks so're such an amazing source of encouragement...i'll keep praying for you and your family<3
    oh and it's so funny u called vei shaun rayshaun hahahahaha...i'm gonna laugh at him. and jeevan is yih ren. now yih ren sounds indian ha ha ha... but no worries really really=) =) dont feel bad or anything=). i'm just a very lame person xD heehee
    get well soon! have a nice day!: )

    denise here btw...using lesley's account
    (uncle cheng cheung's daughter)