Friday, August 14, 2009


Henry has noticed that my skin is clearing up. My cousin Stephen reckons I am more energetic these days from his last visit about 2 weeks ago. Definitely I feel strong except for the occasional cough. Even the purging that i had on 3 consecutive days this week has stopped. Thanks so much for your prayers. Imagine each time I had purging pain, I would start praying and rebuke. Henry saw me lying down on the couch on Monday and he started feeling anxious so he smsed to some of you for prayers. Within moments, I started to recover. Oh, Henry put in the sms to pray and rebuke! It is really a new way of praying for us. It works because we do not agree to the condition and we use our authority given to us by Jesus (Luke 10:19)to trample on the enemy.

I also noticed that I can sing better now. Before, when I try to sustain a note, I would start to cough. I realised this improvement only last week when I sang "The Joy of the Lord is My Strength" in the car all the way home. That was the very first time in a long time that I sang a whole song so loud and enjoying it!

Another improvement I noticed is that I can sleep on my side at night. Normally, I would rather sleep on my back. Sleeping to my side would normally cause me to cough after awhile. I remember Dr Zainuddin said it is because the nodule is pressing against my bronchial tree or something like that. So, these days I can sleep whichever way and still feel comfortable.

And another improvement! Little Ethan sometimes asks to sit on my lap in the car. When he does that and rests his head on my chest, I feel as if my lungs are depressed and I feel uncomfortable and start to cough. These days, when he does that I do not feel the depression anymore!

One more improvement! When the kids start to fight with each other and stress me out, I would start to cough non-stop. But I noticed last week that it doesn't happen anymore. So, it would seem that my body is strong enough to tolerate the stress. Still, I am aware I need lots of rest and not get stressed!

These are really wonderful signs that God is working his miracles on me. Deep down, I sense that the cancer cells are gone and that I am just building my resistance and I am praying that the food I eat will help me gain weight!

I just want to thank God for loving me so much. Indeed God heals. We just need to look to Him and seek Him with all our heart, mind and soul. Then He just extends His hands and brings his angels to lift us up. Little Ethan is here bugging me now, asking to listen to CDs which he thinks he can dance to but I keep telling Him they are sermons and they are all "talking talking".


  1. dear liz
    its so good to read about God's healing hands in your life. all these improvements are confirmation that you are on your road to recovery. I remembered texting people that clarissa had recovered from her fever; quite soon after that, i received 2 replies from separate people telling me that her fever might returned in the middle of the night. (ok as mummies, we are used to that occuring anyway). But this time, I told myself that well, with the fever subsiding, its the beginning of a recovery. I think the same goes with you.

    I feel deeply honoured and humbled to be able to share my spiritual journey with you, relearning all these things from your life which I have run away from for almost 20 years due to fear and doubt.

    Praise the Lord for His marvelous work in your life!


  2. dear liz
    i forgot to mention in my previous comment, that clarissa's fever actually didn't return! This was the amazing part....the path to recovery. :)