Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Message is Getting Stronger Part 3 – My first task of Obedience

Thanks to the Toh brothers for your encouragement. The “toes” was the hint! Gambateh! I love the picture of Ethan too. He takes his role as ultraman very seriously. When I ask Ethan, “Come Ethan, come and kiss mummy”. He takes of his imaginary mask first and then comes to kiss me. Tony, follow God’s promptings. It doesn’t have to be one or another, it can be both. When you pray with Min Yi, pray for yourselves first and then, pray for us. I see that God has already begun His work as your prayers on our yahoo groups are changing and covering your brokenness as well. That’s the beginning of our journey. Hey Sue, I too cry when touched by the Holy Spirit. Thanks too Wei Ling’s message and your kid’s story dedication to me on Habakuk 3, I will always remember now that He is always there for me even though I can’t sense or see Him.

Anyway, my first task of obedience was at a prayer and worship gathering at the Koot’s house after the results of the church business meeting.

There was a time for sharing about how we felt after the Church Business Meeting at FBC recently. It was at the very tail end and I still hadn’t shared. After God’s revelation to me that commanded me to speak I knew I had to speak but my mouth remained glued (like always before) until the tail end, Chiew Hwa said “Anyone else, if not we will close in prayer”. I looked at Chiew Hwa and she looked at me and I said “I have to speak”. “Have to” is the word! See, I normally don’t share as I am just afraid to open my mouth.

My cousin Tammy reminded me earlier of 2 Timothy 1: 7 that fear is not from God and we should rebuke it. The only fear we should have is the fear of the Lord.

7For God did not give us a spirit of timidity, but a spirit of power, of love and of self-discipline.

So, I finally opened my mouth. And I shared with them (half crying) how I told Hamir, my neighbour how luke warm our church is and about Hamir’s prayer for me one and half months before my diagnosis, and he prayed that we in FBC not be so inward looking as there’s so much to do for God’s Kingdom, there is really no time for in-fighting. Then he prayed for the Holy Spirit to fall upon our church and for the Holy Spirit to open my mouth to share God’s word. I was thinking how is that possible as I am too afraid to speak unless the Holy Spirit is with me. I told the CCFers that this is not a fight with men but against the evil spiritual forces for what good is there to leave the church, who will win? The enemy! I remembering saying, “It’s not about me (what I am suffering) but it’s the church”. And that was my sharing to them.

Lo and behold, the next morning in Church, there was an invited speaker Kim Lan and he was given a free topic, so he chose to speak on “Be an EXTERNALLY FOCUSSED church”. Henry and I just looked at each other in shock when the power point slide came up. That’s like the same message I gave to the CCFers the night before!

Praise the Lord! God’s hand is upon His church.

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  1. Praise God for He is ever faithful...and never gives up on us.Love you friend....for your sharing...