Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I got it! I got it!

I told God this morning, "God you are amazing, each time I seek, you answer, I seek you answer. I am so humbled that you love me so much. I am in awe of you!"

Then, I told Henry “I got it! I got it!”. Now, I know that the healing books are correct, Ps Philip is correct, Eric Thoo is correct and Ps Yonggi is correct! No more confusion!

See, logos is God’s word to EVERYONE. So, in the many scriptures that God says He heals or he has healed us – we can confidently claim His promises! We can claim it 100% and pray confidently because that is is His will for everyone.

But Rhema, which is God’s specific word to you is God’s word that comes alive for you and you only.

Therefore, we cannot play God and know what the rhema is for others. That’s where His sovereignity lies. So, like Uncle Alan says, do not doubt that He heals! Indeed God heals. He said so in the scriptures.

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