Friday, August 14, 2009

Arise O Prayer Warriors! Arise!

Hi Fee, I am so deeply encouraged by your testimony. Indeed, once we learn to pray victoriously, we can just let go and see God work in our lives and see miracles after miracles after miracles now even Grace's! Praise the Lord! I feel like doing a red indian dance and jumping for joy! Hallelujah! Praise the Lord!

Fee, I see you really hungry for God too and I am overjoyed and to see God work miracles in your life too, I am more than overjoyed, words cannot explain! Here was Fee's testimony of the nurse's reaction to Clarissa's recovery:

"Dear Liz
It is amazing on how God healed clarissa! When we were at clinic today for chk-up, the nurse was in disbelief that C didn't have fever! and when the doc checked her, she was amazed to find that her cold is gone, chest is clear and fever subsided! in her haste, the doc didnt tell me that C had phlegm in her chest the day b4! (so mummy didn't administer the phlegm medication) God is our great healer and brings healing to us even when we didn't know we needed it!! Grace just text me that Ben is now fully recovered too! To God Be The Glory!"

All glory to God! Amen!

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