Sunday, August 2, 2009

Update and Ethan turned 3!

Please pray that my rashes and inflamation on my right eyelid will go away. The inflammation happened when i rubbed my eye i guess. It feels better today but still, I am laying off my contact lenses. Using eye glo. My face is very dry and really yukky. It's got all these small white spots ready to explode! Wish there was some medication I could use other than oil free moisturiser. ok gotta go. Want to soak in God's word rather than be on the blog.

Ethan turned 3 last Saturday.

"I want Ultraman cake" says Ethan. I was worried he would not get to celebrate his birthday. I know it would not be wise to stress myself out. So dear Tzu Anne, sweet angel she is, helped arrange everything from little details of ultraman sticker on cups & individual party packs to food and delivering everything right to our doorstep. Thanks Tzu Anne for your blessing! I know it was very stressful (she slept on the couch twice! ha ha). Little Ethan enjoyed himself so much running around and getting excited with his cousins and friends. Running in and out the house, up and down. I just sat down and looked pretty. Can only smell the food. Here are some pix for u to enjoy. Believe me, I would have loved to invite everyone. :)


  1. hi liz. was searching for your blog on google. came across your friend's blog that mentioned you ... asking ppl to pray for u.

    i started a blog too ... oni 2 posting ... den limbo! haha.

    praying for you guys! gambateh-o! guess who! hehe.

  2. You must be someone who likes ultraman since u know "gambateh" and an accountant..ha ha. Do u know it means u can do it - like the chinese say "jia yo" or something like that. Oops my chinese is pathetic. Nolah, i can't figure out. Pray tell, who is this?

  3. hahaha! yes ... gambateh means "jia yo".

    d key word is atypical ... i m the lesser of the toes. hehe. u clever sure know wan.

    wah ... ur blog now can easily searched on Google ... must be getting many hits.

  4. "older" brother who is 4 years younger than me.

  5. ha ha i know i know! sure sounds like u. u r de wan i prayed to God for a verse on 2nd day at hospital and ping! Your sms came in with a verse! U r in tune with the holy spirit man and so is your wifey coz she gave me Habakuk 3! ptl indeed! Gambatei!