Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Message is Getting Stronger- Part 5 : I Am Completely Healed!

The message is certainly getting stronger. Part 4 was the climax when I wrote it at that point in time and then I asked God “Lord, what now? You have to give me the words to put on the blog because it’s your blog and they are not my words but yours. I’ve obeyed you and I did say I needed the Holy Spirit, else I am not brave enough “. I like Hamir’s response when I shared my concern “Don’t worry about it. God will know what to do. Don’t worrylah”.

At this point, I just want to share with you that as of 13 August 2009, I am totally convinced that Jesus has completely healed me! Now, I just have to stand firm and put on the armor of God because there will be a lot of machine gun shots of putting doubts in my mind but I claim God’s promise in Psalm 91 that “a thousand may fall at your side, ten thousand at your right hand but it will not come near you”.

Actually I feel a bit of a lunatic telling people that I am completely healed. And yes, that is how doubts develop so I reject that thought in Jesus’ name. God has shown me in a series of events in arriving at this peace and like an end of a beautiful love story, He has now revealed to me how big and how much He loves me.

Uncle Allen and his group of warriors came trooping into my house on 13 August 2009. Earlier, Uncle Allen said over the phone. We pray for a miracle right? I said “Yes!”. He shared God’s word as it is God’s word that will heal us. There is power in God’s word. We just need to claim it and believe it as true and it will come to pass. God cannot lie.

When we were singing praises to God, we started off like a rusty engine. We wanted to worship but something was dragging our spirit down. Uncle Allen said, there is something heavy here, let us cast it out. So we started speaking in tongues. It was like warfare. Then, we started singing again. What a load removed. When I started singing again, I felt like singing a love song to Jesus and tears started to roll down. Rosalind fell on her knees and started praying in tongues. Later she said that her hand started to harden from hand to the entire arm and then pain on her left brain. Suddenly, she shouted “Healing!”. My eyes were closed but I felt I was receiving healing as by reflex I gave a big nod and said “yes”. I am constantly amazed what we can do in the spirit. I just continued to receive healing and we all continued to sing later. After it came to an end and I opened my eyes, Uncle Alan said to me “Good news…good news. I see the words “GOOD NEWS!” and “VICTORY”. I see ANGELS flying above us and looking down as if they are watching a football match and we have WON the match”.

My spirit lifted. I felt it was confirmation that I have been completely healed.
I’ve been to a few prayer sessions for healing now. Each time I receive and believe in my heart He will heal me or He has started the healing process. But on 12 August 2009, things started changing...confirmation of complete healing and His great love for me was impressed upon me. First, I noticed my friends’ (Fee and Sue) and my cousin Tammy’s prayer and comments to me have changed - confirmation that I am healed, that I am beginning this new relationship with Jesus and thanking God that He is my Healer. I claim all this in Jesus’ name.

One thing Uncle Allen shared with me on the healing night of 13 August 2009 really shook me. It was as if God was speaking directly to me and addressing my last issue. Uncle Allen said “Remember, ultimately, you must be in a position to say to God that even if He doesn’t heal you and you die, you will still trust and believe in Him”. In Retha’s book “Messages from God”, she wrote that God spoke to her “I want your life. Lay down your life for me”. I was very uncomfortable when I read that line because I didn’t want to die. I also struggled that if God wanted to heal me, why did he want my life? Uncle Allen asked me outright, “If God asks you tonight, “Who do you love more, God or your life?” what will be your answer”. The answer I gave in my mind without a doubt was “God”. It could not be ”life” after this wonderful journey that I am still going through. I was then struck with awe of His overflowing love for me because he had already started healing me even though I was struggling with this issue of holding on to my life. Little did I know I had already let go when confronted with that question last night. Uncle Allen said, it’s when I let go that He will give my life back to me. He doesn’t want me dead, He wants me to relinquish my whole being to Him and He will just extend His grace to me.

Uncle Allen later said “I sense God’s love for Elizabeth is so great but I have difficulty expressing to you how much is much. I cannot hug, nor fathom nor describe in words”. It was that much.

That night I flashed back of the same confirmation I received during one prayer session where Hamir had the vision of a scepter given to me and he said that He loves me very much. I also remembered during a prayer and worship session with Ps Sasha, Ps Chris and Elaine on 11 August 2009, Sasha hugged me as if Jesus was hugging me and God’s words to me is “I love you very much. You do not have to worry about your children. I love them very much and will take care of them and provide for them. The telephone line is open 24 hours. You just need to call me anytime and just pray earnestly”.

That night, I could not sleep from this shot of adrenalin. I was just basking in His love and in awe of how a mighty God can just love a worm like me. 11 years ago I experienced His love. Thanks Marvin, my “si fu”. Then, I pictured myself resting on the inside of God’s wings as He envelopes me. I felt so comforted, so protected, so loved.

That night I experienced it all over again and with more realisation now than before. GOD REALLY REALLY LOVES ME. I am so humbled, so in awe.

I pray friends, you will catch fire and experience this awesome love that God has for us all. AWESOME!

Oh, there was one last confirmation from God. The next day, on 14 August 2009, I went for another prayer and worship session in another christian group. A man who does not even know me gave me God's word :

Acts 3:16
16 By faith in the name of Jesus, this man whom you see and know was made strong. It is Jesus' name and the faith that comes through him that has given this complete healing to him, as you can all see.

God is awesome indeed. Awesome is His love. All glory to God! Hallelujah! Praise the Lord!


  1. My dearest friend, indeed it is God's message you are writing, not yours. The tears are freely flowing again..I just can't help praising God for what He is doing in your life, and in Henry's life. I come to a realization how puny my faith has been. I have been God in my little box. But lo behold, you have opened my eyes and reminded me of who God really is. I am so excited for you, it really is an adventure. When I pray for you, I pray in tongues too...mere words are no longer sufficient to express. Wonderful God, Beautiful Savior...we humbly bow before you and worship you for all our being.

  2. Dear Elizabeth...such a blessing always to read your daily "praises" to God. I am sure God is so pleased. WOW! There it goes again...angels and jumping up and down...cheering you! Life Group will be fasting and praying again for you, this time not for heaing because YOU HAVE BEEN healed but now, for God's protection upon you, Henry, kids and family. You need the blood of Christ to cover you...always plead the blood of Christ to cover you and household. Lord Jesus, I command in Jesus' Name a ring of fire to surround Elizabeth and family, that they may be safe from the onslaught of the enemy. Amen. Uncle Allen