Thursday, August 6, 2009

Wow! It's so powerful!

Just awhile ago, Henry prayed for me laying hands and like everyday he would pray for healing and claiming it in Jesus name. When he finished I said “Can we do it differently today. Can you rebuke those cancer cells and my high pulse rate and that they have no power or dominion over me and to cast them out from my body. Then command for the release of the blood of Jesus to flow through me and make everything normal again?”. So he did. I am so glad he did because when he started speaking I felt God’s presence, the Holy Spirit flowing through me and I started to cry. It was the same awesome presence of God I felt at the Christian group when everyone was doing the same – laying hands, rebuking, commanding. It’s so powerful, I hugged Henry. I didn’t know it was going to be such a powerful experience! It was the just the 2 of us. I am so excited I just had to share this with you.

See, earlier this morning, I was reading “Give me 40 days for healing” by Freeda Bowers. Thanks Julie. On page 51, Freeda wrote,

“Not one time did Jesus pray for those who were ill. In every passage where Jesus ministered to the sick, he primarily healed by one of the 2 ways and sometimes by both. Jesus healed by speaking to the people and laying His hands on them. He didn’t pray. …in cases of sickness or disease there is not one time recorded where Jesus prayed at the moment of healing. That is powerful! ....When it comes to healing, you need to be doing more saying than praying. "

I’ve been speaking life many times to myself but this is the first time Henry speak death to the source and speak life over me in such a direct manner. It’s so awesome, so powerful. I was so excited when I told my mum what happened. Even then, I had goose pimples narrating the incident. He is awesome. He is powerful. His word is true.

Speak life.

Jesus has healed me. It is a finished work. I receive.


  1. I'm so glad u shared this with us :) Yes, you can experience God in an awesome way just by yourself, or just the 2 of you. No need in big groups. I pray that God will continue to work miracles in your life. Take care :)

  2. Often we are conditioned to believe in a certain manner. It takes some effort to break out of our conditioning. An analogy would be like an elephant being tied to a small peg as a baby. The elephant is so conditioned to being held there that even when it is all grown up he can be held prisoner by the same small peg. Just as we often limit God in our own minds. God is great is he not? Why is it so hard for us to believe? Let go and let God.

  3. Hi Liz
    I had a strong feeling to share with you the source of my teaching and thoughts to you.

    A lot of what i know about Grace and healing and flowing with God's Holy Spirit was through Pastor Joseph Prince's teachings at New Creation Church. I know a lot of negative things have been said about him and the church which is considered a mega church because of its enormous size (the last time I was there in 2003/4 they had 10,000 members).

    You can visit the website, just google New Creation Church Singapore and you'll find it. I have some of his CD's which are like from 2003/4 and they still hold true today about healing and also following after God's will. If you wish to hear them, let me know. Maybe I can email the wav/mp3 to you. Let me know yah.

    Take care and continue to claim the promises of God and also to know that you are "in" God's Grace continuously and nothing will take you out of it. Continue to reject the devils firey darts - negative thoughts and feelings - by asking God for more faith when you feel you are lacking it (although we all have a mustard seed faith which more then enough to quench the darts) and enjoy his presence. Adios for now.

  4. Hi Liz,
    Continue to press on. You are in the right direction. Claim from Jesus that he has healed you and thank him for the healings. Auntie Agnes & I will continue to pray that Jesus will heal you 100%. Amen.

    Uncle Eddie Teh

  5. It is so wonderful and encouraging! Amen and Praise God! He is wonderful. Indeed, He has open yours and Henry's spirituality, to a whole new and wonderful level.

    Our CG is having our monthly prayer tonite, and will continue to claim on His promises for you!

    take care