Sunday, August 23, 2009

Superfood Recipe

I'm so excited, I have to share this with you. Last night I managed to cook a meal for myself and my family and it catered to my condition as well. I am on a no sugar, no salt, no oil diet, just so I can starve the cancer cells. Dr Ibrahim does not agree with me as he says that all food you eat will eventually turn to glucose in the body. But I believe God gave us natural food to eat to build our immune systems to kill those evil cancer cells. So God is more powerful, so let's not worry about the glucose in our body. Whatever you do, don't take white stuff - white rice, white sugar, white bread. Instead, eat brown rice, molasses or natural cane sugar (organic shop) and Adventis bread (really yummy when toasted). Use sea salt rather than processed salt. Amazingly, I did not know about any of this before my trial. Organic food is so expensive, I would just walk out! Still, I realise now how badly our vegetables are sprayed with pesticides (even Edge reported on it 2 weeks ago) and our meat is tainted with hormones. Sigh. Please wash your vege and fruits properly with some vege wash.

Anyway, back to this recipe.

I used:

60 ml quinoa (thanks Anita) (ha ha - I just used the little medicine cup that has reading to 15 ml. 4 cups of that) (high in protein, rich in calcium, iron & phosforus)
2 leeks (rich in manganese, vit c & iron) (thanks Hamir)
1/2 white onion (contain 25 active compounds that appear to inhibit the growth of cancerous cells)
1/2 carrot (rich in vt A)
1/2 cabbage (rich in vit K and vit c)
1 tbsp of kei chi or wolfberries (chinese med shop) (rich in B1 and B6 and lots more)
1 tbsp of flax seed (rich in alpha-linolenic acid (ALA), an essential fatty acid - good for the heart)(thanks Grace and many others)
750 ml water

I am super lazy when hungry. So I just dump all the ingredients including water and turn to high heat until it boils. Then lower it to medium heat stirring now and then for a few minutes. Then turn down the flame to low to cook for 30 mins. There is no oil no salt.

Meanwhile (that's while the vege mix is simmering), I boil the quinoa noodles/ soya noodles/spaghetti (from organic shop) till al dente and strain it.

Then I scoop our my portion of the vege mix with soup into a bowl and add in my portion of quinoa noodles (thanks Tzu Anne) for myself. Splash a dash of Braggs Liquid Amino (from organic shop) (thanks siew may) and voila - that's my dinner. :)

I then whip out the blender (thanks to my cell group - TRYGOS) - pour in the vege mix, put in some sea salt and grind in the pepper, a tsp of mushroom powder or vege broth (to cheat, from organic shop or cold storage) AND a dash of cream (whipping cream from cold storage). My mum said I put in too much, so use your good judgment!

Blend it all. Pour it out into 4 shallow soup dishes. Put in the noodles OR serve as soup with toasted Adventis bread (thanks Bee Lian and Cheng Yi). Enjoy!

What would I do without all my friends. I know organic prices are crazy and it did occur to me about the poor who have no organic food to eat. Indeed God is great. If he can provide for the birds, the bees and the flowers, what more His children. Thanks so much for your blessings upon me friends. You alone are blessings from God. So, I return this blessing to you in form of a recipe. Eat healthy friends. :)

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  1. hi bunny!
    thanks for sharing your recipe! looks yummy & healthy! you are obviously reverting back to "vegetarian" diet except for the whip cream! :)

    i have just got hold of a book (hasnt arrived yet, still on its way) by Dr Tom Wu. He is a christian and apparently suffered from the same condition as you 30 years ago (or is it 40?). Well, he has some written some menus in chinese which I will forward to you. This book was recommended by my non-christian friend in US whose mum/aunts/uncles (who recovered from cancer) are reading! hopefully, his receipes will add more spice to you diet! :)