Sunday, August 2, 2009

Thanks to Nokia

The reason I am going on internet is mainly due to Mrs Liew's prompting! She prayed for me over the phone and the last sentence in her prayer made me start to cry - that we lay aside our difference in church and come united to pray. I told her she hit it right on the nail and I started sharing with her my burden to tell church not to be so inward looking. There's just so much work to do for God's kingdom, there is no time for squabbling. "Then, you need to go online", she said.

Thanks to Nokia, my previous smses to family and friends can be downloaded and shared regarding chronology of events. From newest to the oldest.

2009.07.30 22:43
Hi hi i am back to my bunny self. :) Regained my strength totally. I must have taken too much coconut n barley yesterday n today coz i started coughing again today. Cough had actually subsided tremendously part 2 days. Also beginning to look like cast from planet of de apes as rashes appear on t zone of face! Henry said it is good as effectiveness of drug correlates w side effects. Nevertheless i continue to rebuke n cast it out as w cough n fever :) . This weekend i will try to email instead of sms. Thanks 4 walking w me on my adventure w de Lord. Thanks 4 your prayers. :) love u."

2009.07.30 11:57
By faith we can ask God anything n we have to be specific. I asked God for my family to be reunited on 31 august. I submitted to God n started to cry. I thanked God over n over again. We can tell nic n ethan of this new date n pray about it daily. :)"

2009.07.28 09:27
Woke up w achy muscles near de armpit. Symmetrical. I was doing deep breathing exercise n lifting arms 90 degrees to de side of body. Pls pray 4 me. Also pray 4 henry as he starts work again after 3 weeks. Thanks. :)"

2009.07.27 20:13
My needle experience today. I cried out jesus jesus help me over n over again. No pain as de needle went in. :) praise de Lord! Dr foo checked n told me blood test report was good last week but did not elaborate. She said more important de symptoms now. I told her how achiness n fatigueness disappeared after only one tablet. She looked at me disbelievingly. Then she said magic. I told her God heals. He does indeed. I believe. Another miracle. Somehow today we could claim today's treatment under insurance as treatment done in chemo centre. I will have to go every month. Rm 1 k per month! Praise de Lord dnp his providence."

2009.07.25 20:36
Cough still there n also now diarrhean. :( but i thank God for quick healing that bone pain is gone. :) praise de Lord."

2009.07.22 20:07
Day 2 still good. Amazingly even fatigueness also disappeared so much so could watch transformers w henry today! But need to remind myself to nap in afternoon n not be my usual bunny self as soon as energy returns. Transformers really touching 4 me touches on faith. Can imagine sent to heaven n God asking me to return to earth to tell everyone Jesus is alive. Not that i earned it but by his grace. All this from transformers. U should watch it! :)

2009.07.21 09:58
Amazingly i feel good this morning after first launch of scud missile. No normal achy bones at shoulders early morning.praise de Lord 4 lil mercies. I was resorting to pain killers last 2 days but looks like i won't have to today. God is good all de time! :) next visit is in 3 weeks time. Side effects pimples! U know what brand sells oil free moisturiser? Doc asked me to look 4 it."

2009.07.20 18:42
Such a relief. Just finished at sjmc. Confirmed will start targeted therapy today. I have to see a dentist before they administer drug to reinforce my bones. Also did a blood test again for base line for liver. Am happy as waiting 4 miracle n wonder how soon they will do blood test. It can work either way but know God is in control."

2009.07.15 22:00
We're going w targeted therapy n nutrition n dr foo from sjmc to monitor me. Targeted therapy is an oral chemo w lesser side effects than chemo that we normally understand. Henry already making arrangements w supplier to get it cheaper. It is mighty expensive like 7000 per month! But we trust in de Lord n pray for miracle soon. Pls do pray 4 us and claim His promises. o heal me Lord n i will be healed. Save me Lord n i will be saved for u r de one that i praise."

2009.07.15 17:26
Confirmation from doc on strategy so we r happy. We will submit decision to god tonight n wait upon him. We will know if he has given up peace. Also seeking others on whether they have same confirmation after we share our decision. We will let u know once we submit it to god. To god be the glory!"

2009.07.15 10:18
Hi hi we're here at sjmc to see de 3rd oncologist. Pls continue to pray 4 henry n i to seek god's wisdom coz ultimately he is de healer n not chemo or alt treatment. Only he works de miracle. :)"

2009.07.12 08:15
Physically i feel good except this cough that does not go away. Pray that i do not focus on de cough but in feeding my body to build immune system n to continuously give him thanks 4 de good food he has given me n family n friends n sunshine n water n rest n his word. Proverbs 3 touched on health to my body n nourishment to my bones. Isn't it amazing how he speaks to us thru his word. He is indeed a living god. :)"

2009.07.10 11:29
Hi hi just want to share that i had to seek god again after talking to oncologist n yin ling. We still going to see one more oncologist. Met nutritionists. Also dna test next week which is good if i want to do de nutrition way to fight cancer cells. We gather first n then seek god's wisdom next week. Meanwhile drawing close to god n even started speaking in tongues yesterday n today. Very baby one. He was very reassuring this morning. Praise de lord. :)

2009.07.11 13:47
Some of u have heard of cancer spread to bone even skull. Have not lost hope coz he showed me signs of 2 ads yesterday. Peace in mind. Another one. There is hope. So wonderful right. Today we spoke to ted on alt treatment. Really think we r on right track. Pls pray specifically for me to practice speaking in tongues coz then i can just soak in his word n hear him even deeper. Pray 4 henry on research of targeted therapy if whether it will really work."

2009.07.08 13:47
So excited i found de passage. Dear friends do not be suprised at de painful trial u r suffering as tho something strange were happening to u. But rejoice that u participate in de suffering of christ so that u may be overjoyed when his glory is revealed. 1 peter 4:1 That's de adventure. :) also pray whether chemo or not or just very disciplined nutrition. We r going to speak to yin ling, 2 nutritionist, dna testing n see another oncologist these 2 weeks before deciding."

2009.07.06 09:28
Could not sleep yesterday as felt chest depressed n coughing as soon as i lay down. Thot ok am i getting worst? Earlier spoke to cousin n realise area of sin i need to repent. Thot i would pray later after tucking kids to bed. Since could not sleep even after drinking hot water decided to use time to pray n asked for forgiveness from fear that paralyses me from doing his work n constantly giving de same excuse these many years. I switched off lights n laid down n lo behold no more discomfort. No more wanting to cough. I could not believe so i moved a bit n still comfortable. God worked a miracle on me! I closed my eyes n think i am on this great adventure w god n could not wait to share this news w u. De message is to confess n repent aloud. God hears and he heals. Praise de lord! This morning still coughing but i continue to wait upon him."

2009.07.03 09:56
Do continue to pray 4 me to just trust in god completely. Doc summed up his guess tho he said gently i think we r looking at cancer at lungs, liver n a tiny bit on a pelvic bone. Well we shall see de biopsy next week to see what we r dealing w. Meanwhile i will be discharged till i see him on tuesday. Thanks for your prayers. :)

2009.07.03 10:07
Don't worry dear. God's wings covering us. We take a step at a time trusting him ok. Don't worry about anything ok but just keep praying n pleaing w him. God's peace very important dear.

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