Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Message is getting stronger - Part I

The weekend that just passed was such a joy for me as so many people visited us to encourage and pray for us. Thanks Ps Tan Eng Lee, Foo Chee Meng, Khin Wee, Jen, Soo Inn and Bernice. Thanks uncles and aunties, Sharon, Tammy and Richard for the blessings that you bring. Saturday particularly felt like Chinese New Year and reunion of family all over again. Thanks cousin Tammy and Richard for ministering to me. It is really a powerful message that you bring to me. And I am proud that you fought against the enemy over the past few weeks (car repair of more than RM1,000, hand phone break down while you text me, kids and you falling sick) to bring what you have to say and your prayers for me. Both of you definitely have a gift of ministering. I was tossing in bed wondering why God allowed trial upon trial in your life and then it occurred to me of what a powerful message you brought to me. That must be your calling! That night and this morning, I started piecing the words together from God. Like you writing down all the miracles God has done in your life, I too started to write down all the words people have given me and lo and behold, the message is even stronger now!

I want to share with you an example how God works in a family of believers. On the first night at the hospital, after hearing Dr Zainuddin’s summary that we could possibly be looking at cancer of lungs, liver and pelvic bone, I started to push everything away and desperately looked for my bible. The trouble is I did not know where to begin to read and I remembered Tammy telling me how she just locked herself in the room and cried to God and claimed God’s words from the bible…to claim it as true because God cannot lie and He cannot go back on His promises. So I smsed her that I needed those verses but she did not reply. So I started to sms some of my friends to pray for me. She did not receive her sms because I was using her old number. She just revealed to me 2 days ago that on the second night of my hospital stay she had a dream, a dream of a desperate woman asking for prayers. (Hey! That’s me!) She could not see her face and kept telling the woman that she will pray later. But the woman kept bugging her and in the end, she woke up from her dream and started to pray for this woman for healing! I asked her “How did you know to pray for healing?”. She supposes she has this gift for praying for healing since she has been through so many near death incidents. She only found out the following morning of my disease from her mom. I am truly truly amazed.

! Praise the Lord for he is mighty and powerful! He gives us His word in the bible, visions, dreams, series of coincidences, encouragers, sermons, His beautiful creation...there is no way we cannot hear is just whether we are willing to stop what we are doing (eg facebook, Oprah, AFC channel, games, favourite magazines) and listen to Him.


  1. I am reading your blog while in Johor. Missed reading your updates while I was in Singapore for five days. Crying while I am reading, in front of my bro and sis in law. I shared about you to my friends in Singapore. You my dear, have my total respect for your courage, your faith, your obedience....the list is endless. You have indeed grown so BIG and TALL and WIDE and DEEP in your faith. Praise God, Hallelujah!

  2. Catching up on my reading of your blog am inserting my comments as I read. Been busy lately but not forgetting to pray for you daily. seems I am more committed to pray for you, Henry, Nic & Ethan than spending time talking to people who need me. My bad.

  3. Hi cousin,

    Yes, it's amazing how God works. When you least expect it and in ways you wouldnt think of - He makes a way for you! Thank you Jesus!

    But I feel the prompting of the Holy Spirit to clarify this - about the dream I shared with you - Yes, I eventually prayed for that desperate woman but that was in my dream as well. I didnt wake up to pray. So the next morning, I just dismiss it as just odd dream till my mom called and told us the news. Only then I saw the relevance and after sharing with you, knew for sure it was you. Sorry if you misunderstood me....