Thursday, August 13, 2009

Thank you, Prayerful Heart

Thanks Joanne for sharing the song. You have been a great encouragement to me and I really appreciate that you sacrifice your time to reach out to many cancer patients and tell them about the importance of nutrition. Joanne survived colon cancer without chemotherapy. She went on to study about nutrition and is a qualified nutritionist today. She offers nutrition advice based on the type of cancer we suffer. Joanne, I did buy probiotics eventually to help my skin recover from the zits. Nicholas is on Peckers from Frontiers to build his immune system. Thanks Joanne!

Ultimately we recognize that God is our healer. He gave us natural food to build our immune system to generate T cells to fight the cancer cells. Chemotherapy can be very toxic to the body as we know too well how cancer patients suffer as a result from it. The targeted therapy which I am taking is a second line of defence. Most doctors will recommend the first line of defence, the most toxic form of chemotherapy first to increase your chance of survival rate. That’s why we were tussling between life vs healing using God’s natural food. We finally found Ted (Stella’s husband), the ONLY doctor we met that was sympathetic towards alternative treatment. Eventually, God led us to choose a mixture of both i.e. targeted therapy and nutrition.

I remember before popping the first Tarceva pill, I was saying a prayer that I am taking this because God is asking me to do it and I believe he would use it to heal me. I was quite afraid of the toxic level that was going inside me. I popped it just before bed time just in case something happened to me. I thought maybe if I slept I won’t feel the side effects!

Miraculously, the next morning, all bone aches disappeared and I had no more fatigueness. I still continued to take a pill daily. After the second week, I went back to SJMC for the administration of the bone reinforcement drug. I told her the fantastic results after taking just one pill. She looked at me disbelievingly and said it is not possible. She turned away and then turned back and said “magic”. I said “God heals!”

Looking back, I am glad I said that prayer. These days I have forgotten to say the prayer (because I am too busy concentrating gulping tons of pills) until I started purging and in pain again 2 nights ago. Siew Mei asked me to take charcoal pills and she said

“Whatever you take, take it with a prayerful heart”.

That is so true. Henry taught me how to pray like this these days “Lord, please bless this food/pills to my body and I pray that you will use it to build my resistance, build my reserve, feed my healthy cells but not the malignant cells and help me gain weight back to my normal healthy weight. I pray all this is Jesus’ name”. I just started praying like this yesterday! God knows my deepest needs and he had already started His healing process long ago.

He loves us very much.

Lyris to Thank you Lord
(by dan burgess)

Thank You Lord for the trials that come my way
in that way I can grow each day as I let You lead
and thank you lord for the patience those trials bring
in the process of growing i can learn to care

but it goes against the way i am to put my human nature down
and let the spirit take control of all i do
cause when those trials come my human nature shouts the things to do
and god's soft prompting can be easily ignore

i thank you lord with each trial i feel inside
that your're there to help lead and guide me away from wrong
cause you promised lord that with ev'ry testing
that your way of escaping is easier to bear

i thank you lord for the vict'ry that growing brings
in surrender of ev'rything life is so worthwhile
and i thank you lord that when ev'rthing's put in place
out in front i can see your face and it' there you belong

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  1. Hunny Bunny...thanks for your sharing, again as I am reading your new posting, I can't help the lump in my throat, and the fast beatings of my heart. Indeed, you have been such an encouragement to me. Like what Fee said, my prayers for you have changed to. I am thanking God for giving you a new breathe in your relationship with Him. It is like the eagle soaring above the storm, eyes fixed on the Sun ( the Son of God) and not on the stormy clouds around him. The bigger the storm, the higher the eagle you loads...