Sunday, August 16, 2009

Matrix Reloaded

I have just unlocked the mystery of matrix for my own understanding! This is really for my own enjoyment as I have finally unravelled the deceit thrown in by the evil forces. Hah! I can see through the enemy's evil plans now. It is just a movie but there are people I know that actually buy this concept. They have likened the sentient machines as the evil God and they actually say that what we experience (even you reading this and me typing this) is all not real. That we are actually enslaved by this evil God. There's so much absurdity in all this but how do you explain to someone that God is not evil and that it is irrational to say we human beings do not exist. Yet, this is how the devil works, to deceive us slowly at first and then completely.

Actually, what that does not exist are all the sickness that come upon us. SICKNESS is the MATRIX. Get it? Actually, it's not that sickness does not exist but sickness can be easily overcomed. Why? Because Jesus, on His death and by His wounds (the many lashes He received), bore our sins and sickness. He has overcomed the devil. It has no power over us. No dominion over us. So, if you remember that, then, remember, you are victorious in Christ! That's why when Henry, Tammy, Fee, myself and whoever else believes what Jesus did, (and He said we are his heirs and co-heirs) then He has given those powers too! When we pray, we can pray victoriously too!

Now friends, listen to me. Who is actually the ones in cocoon, locked away? It is the devil! When Jesus died, He has overcome the world, the enemy has no power over us anymore. But the devil can hurl lies, cast doubts, deceive you - and by doing that - steal, kill and destroy.

And you can see who is lying now. Am I lying when I say say sickness can be easily overcomed? Read my blog, read Fee's blog If you still do not believe me, you can wait for the medical report. But if I am right, it shows:

- God heals!
- In fact, He sent Jesus to bear our sins and sickness 2000 years ago on Calvary ("By your stripes, you are healed" Isaiah 53:5) Past tense.
- The gift is given, you just need to believe that God did this for us because "..God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life." John 3:16
- He loves us THAT much
- Just reach out for the gift, fall on your knees, turn to God

The devil wants me to believe that this cancer (MATRIX) I have is real and that I will be defeated by it. Friends, in any of your sickness, DO NOT AGREE to your condition. Rebuke it! Actually cancer is no greater than fever, flu, cough, diabetis or fungus. I just came to this realisation on 12 August 2009, the day before I realised that I have been completely healed. The message is getting stronger everyday! I can actually laugh at the cancer now because I know God will deliver me. He has delivered me. I just need to claim His promises in the bible.

I have unlocked the deceit of the devil. Sickness is the matrix. It does not exist, it can be easily overcomed. Because of what Jesus did for us. He loves us that much.

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