Thursday, August 13, 2009

Praying Victoriously

I pray that you will walk with me in my journey to slowly transform from a defeated soldier to a prayer warrior!. My prayers are slowing changing. This afternoon, I paced up and down the room, singing the song “Come Holy Spirit I need you” (er, that’s the only one I remember by hard) to invite the holy spirit and then I started to pray for healing for my mummy – coughing, for my friends (eg Cynthia Gan – coughing) and their children (Fee’s Clarissa – high fever and flu, on tamil flu & home quarantine, Wendy’s Ivan - fever and Ben – flu, cough, fever). Then I started rebuking, casting out in Jesus' name. It progressed to speaking in tongues and later I even started trampling on the cough, flu, fever, etc!. I suppose as the spirit leads you, then you will know how to pray (whether, kneeling, lying down, walking or trampling).

I just wanted to share with those who are not feeling well or for parents whose children are ill, speak life to them/ yourself and DO NOT agree to the illness. Instead, say:

I have symptoms of (fever/cough/flu) but the (fever/cough/flu) has no power or dominion over me/ (name of child). (fever/cough/flu), I rebuke you in Jesus' name, I cast you out in Jesus' name. There is no room for you in my/(name of child's) body. I/he/she belongs to God,we are God's children, we are a temple of God, there is no room for you in this body. Get out now in Jesus' name, begone, begone, I cast you out in Jesus'name! Just say it over and over again and then speak life - ask for the blood of Jesus to flow in right now to every cell every organ and make us whole and healthy again.

Oh, the trampling is grounded in the Word (Thanks Tammy):

Luke 10:19
19 I have given you authority to TRAMPLE on snakes and scorpions and to overcome all the power of the enemy; nothing will harm you.

I am so glad to hear that Clarissa’s fever just broke after 24 hours of fever. Indeed, it is an encouragement to me and I am sure to many praying for me to see what a living God we have and that we can pray victoriously! Amen!

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  1. Dear Liz
    It is amazing on how God healed clarissa! When we were at clinic today for chk-up, the nurse was in disbelief that C didn't have fever! and when the doc checked her, she was amazed to find that her cold is gone, chest is clear and fever subsided! in her haste, the doc didnt tell me that C had phlegm in her chest the day b4! (so mummy didn't administer the phlegm medication) God is our great healer and brings healing to us even when we didn't know we needed it!! Grace just text me that Ben is now fully recovered too! To God Be The Glory!