Thursday, August 6, 2009

Waiting Upon the Lord

I asked Hamir “How come I can’t see the things you see?”. He said “Slowly”. Other times he will say “Actually you see it but you think it is from your mind. You have seen it.” Being in tune with the Holy Spirit is like tuning to the right frquency on radio he says. For someone like Hamir or Steven Lee, they are so in tune with the Holy Spirit but with that calls for immediate obedience to God’s commands.

When I received the message from God that Henry should fast and pray on 12 July 2009, I was so excited, I ran downstairs shouting “Deaaarrrrrrr, God wants to talk to you. But He said you will have to fast and pray!”. This was Henry’s reply “Er, did He say when I should start?”. No, He didn’t but later from conversation with Maureen Gei , Hamir and Steven, I understand that such command meant immediate! Jesus didn’t say “Follow me later”. He said “Follow me” and he meant now. Strangely, that was the fourth prompting from God to Henry to fast and pray and I am glad he obeyed.

In the following week, Henry began fasting and seeking the Lord regarding chemotherapy. I was quite certain then that Henry would return to me saying “No need chemotherapy” because I was ready to go with just nutrition but I told Henry “We are one so if you fast and pray, then whatever the Lord leads you, I will go with it”. By Thursday, Henry was quite sure targeted therapy was the way to go and we went to see the third oncologist, Dr Foo Yoke Ching who did agree! Our cell group fasted and prayed with us on Friday and later that night we met and I saw the daily prayers that Tony posted on our yahoo groups, I knew then God was with Henry throughout the week coz the prayers were very specific about the treatment. The following Monday, we went back to see Dr Foo to start the targeted therapy treatment at SJMC.

Today, Henry is back early as there was a H1N1 scare at the office just now. His receptionist had fallen ill last week and diagnosed as H1N1 last Saturday. So everyone was told to leave the office immediately and he would have to work from home tomorrow. Thanks to King Wai, we just prayed together and claimed Psalm 91 that no plague or pestilence will hit our family. We claim this in Jesus’ name!

My zits seem to be drying up. Praise the Lord! It still looks like a bunch of mess though. My eye inflammation has reduced and I continue to finish the antibiotics for both the skin and eye. My cough is hardly there these days. All Glory to God!
I told my mum today “How am I suppose to wait upon the Lord when all I hear to hammering”. Still God is good and He gave me the verse Mark 4:26-29 about the parable of the growing seed. He also told me to look at the dictionary about scepter. It says, “A staff or rod to kings and high officials. It was also used as a weapon, as a symbol of the exercise of justice and law.” Not sure what He is trying to tell me. Still waiting upon the Lord.

Thanks Sue and Chiew Hwa for your encouragement. Yes, I miss your smses too! God bless you.


  1. Hi Liz
    As per your request, I thought I'd share with you and Henry about my experience of feeling a sense of dread after reading and hearing about the latest H1N1 flu death yesterday. I remember that there was a feeling of something enclosing on my heart as if I felt that the virus would actually infect me. I rejected that in Jesus name claiming the promise in Psalm 91:5-7

    5 You will not fear the terror of night,
    nor the arrow that flies by day,

    6 nor the pestilence that stalks in the darkness,
    nor the plague that destroys at midday.

    7 A thousand may fall at your side,
    ten thousand at your right hand,
    but it will not come near you.

    But I still felt slighly uneasy afterwards and was not sure why until I got Henry's msg about returning home due to the H1N1 situation in his office and his request for prayer of no transmission of the disease to the family.

    I believe now, that God was telling me someone was feeling concern about the H1N1 flu and so when I got Henry's msg, I immediately texted him to read Psalm 91 and claim the promise of verse 5 to 7. And then after he replied, I sort of commanded him (sorry Henry if I cause offense) to immediately go pray and claim this for Liz and his family.

    I hope this sharing will encourage you Liz and Henry and those who read this comment. Know that you are already in the Grace of God and that you need not feel that you have to beg God to heal or help you.

    In the bible Jesus, which is the manifestation of God in flesh, showed us God's nature and his willingness to heal, help, encourage and teach. He never turned anyone away, in fact people were turning him away. For those who thought they knew better, rejected him because they were to full of themselves for Jesus to fill them with anything.

    It is also important to know that you are already "in" God's presense and will always be there regardless if you sin or not. Know that by the blood that was shed and the confession of your belief has given you the right to be called Sons and Daughters of the Most High God. You cannot be "un-soned" or "un-daughtered" just because you sin (and we all do still sin now and again) but by the finished work of Jesus on the cross we have forgiveness of sins for eternity. We only have to admit we did something wrong to God and then move on in fellowship with Jesus.

    Take care and have a great day with Jesus.

  2. Thank you liz for your sharing! I recalled many years ago, I asked my brother (Dr Hew) as a physician, how does he see God in the healing process. Then he said something remarkable! Doc can prescribe medication, but its God who heals the body. God is the one who enable our body to response to treatment, or even call all our cells to attention! :)
    Take k and will continue praying for you!