Monday, August 10, 2009

Check up, overcoming sniffles, monster house & bunny

We went to see Dr Foo yesterday at SJMC. While waiting for 2 hours, I decided to pray. I even started to speak in tongues and I was hoping the man near me would not notice. Well, I am sure he didn’t because I had my mask on. I was praying for a medical report that would confirm God’s miracle. When it was finally our turn, it turned out to be just a check to look at my symptoms. She saw my face and said “Aiyo” and prescribed some antibiotics for my acne and cetaphil as moisturizer for my body. Apparently, the Tarceva tablets dries out my skin as well. No wonder it feels kind of dry. I must really learn to take more notice of myself, it would certainly help me get out of trouble. Ok girls don’t do a Liz. It is actually good to be vain. At least you look after yourself but remember to look after your nutrition as well!

Anyway, she told me to come back in 3 weeks’ time i.e. 1 September 2009, to do a CT scan as well as the administration of the bone reinforcement drug again. I asked whether she needed to do a blood test and she said there is no necessity. I didn’t know what that meant but Henry reckons because the last blood test was good, I must be on track and she didn’t feel the necessity to run a blood test so soon. THEN, she dug into her drawer and gave us a strip of tarceva pills – about 5 of them. That would cost RM1,200! We are really thankful to God because I really believe God’s hand was upon her that day moving her heart. Peter Ng told us she is very caring but she didn’t seem so the first time I met her. The reason why I like her is because she doesn’t tell me much! Well, she just reveals enough and that’s good for me. I prayed this morning that His miracle will be confirmed in the next CT scan on 1 September 2009, that my family and I can be reunited again soon and that we can celebrate and testify God’s glory and goodness!

Henry was coming down with sniffles yesterday morning. He prayed and ate some clarinese and sometime later he started to sneeze. So he prayed again and this time speaking life and rebuking in the name of Jesus. The cold did not come back. Yesterday morning, Nicholas was again telling his dad how did not want to go to school. We have been praying that Nic looks at the positive side of school as his natural tendency (being melancholic) is to wallow in his sadness (saying poor poor Nicholas) at the thought of his teacher scolding him etc. Of late, Henry has this interesting way of teaching Nicholas what positive and negative thinking is like. Two weeks ago, he told Nic, “If you think you don’t like school, school will turn into monster house”. He stopped to think but that’s it, back to his usual self again. Yesterday morning, he told Nic “What will happen if you say you don’t like school?” Henry further added “Dark clouds will come” to which Nic asked “And then what?...How about the children…How about the teacher?” I laughed when Henry told me this incident. He is finally beginning to get the picture! As we draw close to God, He teaches and guides us as we wait upon Him. Finally, our family is learning to pray more victoriously.

I wanted Henry to share it with our guy friends as it would also inspire them in their walk with God. Amazingly, King Wai also had the same thought. He thought of blog, I thought of twitter as Henry is busy at work and He doesn't have time like me. So, let's see whether that would take off. It would challenge men to be more IT savvy as not many have ventured there yet..ha ha..

Thanks Sue for your unending support. I haven't shared how the enemy got in the way of our meet. We will persevere and try again to meet up when you return from Singapore. Meanwhile, here are some tissues...he he..

Here's a picture I really like because it shows each of our personalities. The little girl, Gwen is Nicholas' cousin and his favourite play mate. In case I mention to you in future "I am back to my bunny self"..this is what I mean. I love this park, it inspires me so artistically..everything from the cement building, the ruins, the landscape (my hats off to the landscape artist), the pond, the feeding jetties, the pebbles, the vines..the list is endless!


  1. Oh, I didn't know you were advising Henry to start writing about his experience. No wonder lah you ask me why I asked him to start a write something :-) I'm sure his experience will help others. But go with God's flow yah and not just because it seems like a good idea. Take care now.

  2. know how much I look forward to a new post on your blog? Your blog is perpetually opened on my computer, and each time I sit in front of the computer, I refreshed the page.
    You are encouraging me in your little sermonettes. And like you said, when the Holy spirit quickens the spirit in you, you will know. I know when I am reading our message that God is speaking to me through you, because for me I know when the Spirit of God touches me, I cannot stop tearing. And I have not stop tearing each time I read your message.

    So, continue the good race my dearest sweetest friend. You are running a very good one....and I am so glad that through this experience, you and Henry and me and I am sure many others have learn more about Our Awesome God.

  3. I like my god-son's cool pose. Careful not to spoil him too much. (Leave some room for me to spoil him...hahahhaa)He is getting a tad naughty like bullying Nic. (Doesn't he?) My Isaac does. Always asking me to beat Joshua. SIgh.