Sunday, August 23, 2009

Led by the Holy Spirit

I just realised something. It is easier said than done to “Turn to God . Fall on your knees”. At one point before even my diagnosis, I asked God. Lord, if Hamir is right and you will use me to share your word, then I pray you will give me the Holy Spirit because I am not brave enough to speak. UNKNOWINGLY, that was the beginning of my adventure – because I ASKED for the Holy Spirit to come upon me. I was spiritually very dry at that time but I was starting to read the bible again and praying (not very victoriously) because my coughing just wouldn’t stop.

This adventure of returning to God is like peeling of an onion. As each layer of sin is removed, I can hear God better.

If we do not ask for fresh anointing of Holy Spirit daily and willingly die to self and live for Christ, then we allow attacks of lies from the devil. The wall between God and us will become thicker and thicker and soon, we can’t hear – we won’t hear God anymore. Then, from powerful Christians in Christ, we become defeated cancered Christians.

Ask for the Holy spirit! Desire it and on bended knees – ask God for Holy Spirit to come upon you. Like fresh anointing of NEW oil. Old oil is smelly, new oil is fragrant. Ask for fresh anointing of the Holy Spirit upon you. That is really the beginning of your journey, for without God, without the Holy Spirit, we work with our flesh, our own strength. We TRY to be sincere. We TRY to be kind hearted but all with our own selfish motives.

But led by the Holy Spirit, we begin to see miracles after miracles and ultimately God is glorified! Led by the Holy Spirit, we just LONG to do things for God. We just long to go to church – not because we have to – we desire it because we want to worship God. So, if you ever have this longing, know that the Holy Spirit has touched you! Praise the Lord! As usual, the devil will make life difficult for you but persevere and just go with His prompting and you will be greatly blessed!

It is hard to explain but here is a recent example of being led by the Holy Spirit. Last year, King Wai felt a burden to hold a youth concert. He didn’t know why but he just obeyed this prompting and the youths agreed and started rehearsing 2 to 3 months ago. I did not know this until yesterday and apparently, they felt discouraged along the way from comments made but they too persevered knowing ultimately, God will be glorified. The past 2 weeks I have had this great longing to see the youth concert. It’s strange to have this longing. Normally I am too busy with my family to think of even of such concerts. Maybe alien movies for my kids! But I sensed God will use them mightily for the church revival so I too followed His prompting for me to go. I also went partly because I wanted to see for myself this group that God was going to use. Just hearing them play and sing during rehearsal was awesome! And that was just rehearsal! God was right! He was pleased with them and I sensed His big wave of love enveloping us at the church sanctuary. So I blogged about it not knowing that it would be a great encouragement to them. And that night on 22 August 2009, I heard 85% of the youths who attended the Elevate ’09 youth concert rededicated their lives to God. So, who gets ALL the glory? God! God is sovereign. God is awesome. God is loving because he desires to have a relationship with all of us. Please love him and return back to Him.

Desire and ask for the Holy Spirit.

For those who are already “in” His presence, just listen and obey. He will always prompt you. Like what was said in the Spiderman movie, “With power comes great responsibility”. Yes, we have much to do for God’s kingdom. Not on our strength but led by the Holy Spirit.

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